CD VanWoert


I started to follow in 1975. I died in 2011. I was buried in 2018. I became a new creature in 2019.

In 2017 my husband and I fell in love with the 1560 Geneva Bible. Starting in 2020 I began translating the Geneva Bible. By 2021 I plan on having the New Testament of the 1560 Geneva translated.

I believe in Scripture over denominations. I no longer claim to be a Christian as that term has become diluted. I am a Believer, a Follower, and an Ambassador by the Spirit of the Living God, by the blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, because of the sacrifice of my Father in Heaven, Jehovah.

What I Do
  • Translating 1560 English to modern English.
  • Start of the Week verses each week to meditate on.