Society #12: Population Control


19 March 2021

Hello All,

I find it interesting to see all the articles on the current population crisis going on around the world. Just two years ago in 2019 there was a huge fear that the population on planet Earth was growing too rapidly. And we, the human race, would deplete the world’s resources by 2050 to extinction level events.

And then the events of 2020 happened. A virus that wiped out whole family groups quickly spread around the world. Nearly 3,000,000 people died from the virus.

Police brutality in the United States entered the public eye for the world to see. The deaths of people at the hands of law enforcement spawned protests and riots around the world. As expected the people dying at the protests and riots were mostly ignored.

The President of the United States was entering his last year in office; his followers – some of whom are fanatical in their beliefs, stepped out of the shadows. Violence from clashes of his followers with basically anyone that did not agree with him caused even more deaths.

The people of the United States of America elected a new president. He did some unusual things such as legalized abortion in the United States and it’s territories, again. Other members on both sides of the aisles pointed out that America was not a few other things. 

The United States of America

  • English is not the official language of the United States of America 
  • Christian is not the official religion of the United States of America
  • Anglo-Americans are not the master race of the United States of America

And due to the events of 2019, 2020, and the early part of 2021. The world’s population is seeing a down turn in population growth. Scientists, non-religious and religious, warned the leaders from around the world that population control was needed.

Then people were told to stay home and lock themselves away from their friends, families, and neighbors. And where science feared that there was going to be a baby boom around the world – the exact opposite happened. And now more than 110,000 scientists from around the world are saying that there needs to be a new form of population control. 

People need to start making babies again or many countries of planet Earth will cease to exist in the next 100 years. A solution would be that an addition to the laws surrounding pregnancy need to have additions made. More than twenty years ago I tried to adopt. 

I was told that the best thing I could do was to leave the country, Europe or Asia, if I wanted to adopt. When I asked about adopting a child born in North America I was told that people from other countries were adopting the orphans here. Now we don’t even have enough people being born here to sustain our country.

Yep, population control and 2020 did not work out the way it was expected. New laws need to be enacted; maybe – maybe not. You decide.

I am RR “Elroy” VanWoert and I am a Paladin.

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