Society #11: New American Anthem

Four Orders

‘Knowing Jesus’

18 March 2021

Hello All,

Over the last year we have heard and seen in the news that this country needs a new national anthem. While there are many reason behind each side of the aisle in favor of or not in favor of changing the national anthem – we as a people group of the United States of America need to consider a few things

1. Composer. A group of composers from various backgrounds need to come together to write a new song. Currently, every song that I have seen suggested, violates the rights of one or more groups of people based on the lists of discrimination created by the Center for Disease Control and the American Civil Liberties Union.

2. Gender. Many songs that are being suggested make reference to a gender or genders. Some of them are even written to be from the voice of a particular gender. 

3. History. Clearly this is a hot topic with 2020 being, not only hindsight, but a year of great turmoil in this country. This continent was settled and resettled repeatedly. Paleo-Indian people groups, Vikings, Christopher Columbus, and the Pilgrims. After each new group this continent became more crowded. And today, we are still fighting over who this continent belongs to. 

4. Language. The old words that are found in hymns and songs written in the 17th, 18th, and in some 19th centuries are not relevant today. Many words in our language have had their meanings change. Also, we must consider that Modern English is not the official language of this country. It’s not even the first language that was spoken on this continent.

5. Personal Beliefs. All the songs being considered are good songs, however; they suggest that the people singing them need to have one belief or another. John Lennon’s Imagine cites being a dreamer. Personally of all the people I know more than half of them are analytical. Some of them would not even sing the word “dreamer” each time it came up in the line they were singing. Many people have a problem attacking religion through singing, regardless of the religion.

6. Politics. The song needs to be agenda free, not leaning to the liberal or conservative side of the aisle. Also, determining that one person is more qualified to write a new anthem is going to be a problem as eventually their personal political beliefs will be called into question.

7. Race. Some of the songs being considered are written for a particular race. Which regardless of what race is picked that leaves people of mixed race out. 

8. Religion. Each of the four main songs currently being chatted about around the internet, for America’s new anthem, all reference religion, religious symbols, the Christian God, or are against religion as a whole.

I can think of a few songs that I like personally that would make a great new national anthem, though they each one poses a problem. My first pick would be Mandisa’s ‘We All Bleed the Same’. Literally only two words would have to be changed. Actually only one word would have to be changed. The other word would have to be removed.

Here’s a suggestion: let’s go with just music and no words. Music that can be played that incorporates music from the various forms of music that exists in this country. Heck, we could just play the music from the current national anthem. It was composed by someone that never set foot on this continent.

I am RR “Elroy” VanWoert and I am a Paladin.

Society #10