Society #10: 5 Reasons Why I Blog

Four Orders

17 March 2021

Hello Everyone,

1. I am opinionated. If you are new to the Society of the Four Orders, you may not know that I am extremely opinionated. I believe that this country and the people in it, as a whole, are getting in the way of themselves evolving as a single unified people.

2. I have something to say. Long ago I was put in a position that caused me to speak up. At the time I was recently out of Bible College. 

I was recently divorced. I had recently become homeless. And a very religious jerk, Zealot, informed me I was a sinner and I will spend eternity in hell. The only reason he gave was because I, like the other five hundred thousand other people, now my people, were homeless.

You see the Jesus that he followed never was homeless. To him that part of his Christian Bible was a lie. And as a recent student of theology I would eventually come to learn the Jesus that I followed was a myth.

3. I don’t believe in silence. Hello, I was going to Bible school to preach. I was a youth pastor. In high school I was the quiet type. 

When I graduated high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I came out of my shell. I was never silent again, I hold my tongue on occasion.

4. I believe we should all advocate for a personal cause. I believe regardless of who you are you have something to say about something. Whether it is about family, religion, politics, kittens acting silly we all have an opinion – and there is someone out there that is willing to read what we write. We just have to be brave and take the first step in blogging or vlogging.

I have done a few vlog posts over the years. However, my passion is in the written word. I was taught in school that it’s important to understand and have proper language skills, though a blogger best writes with their personal voice and syntax. 

5. I view the world from the perspectives of 1) the housing-challenged, 2) a veteran’s, 3) an ably challenged, 4) a mixed race Anglo, 5) a Scripturalist. Surprise, surprise, there isn’t a single person on the planet earth today that doesn’t have mixed blood. Hopefully, you, dear reader, are not racist in some way. Due to the research over the centuries and very recently Professor Reich of Harvard University we all have a little of every culture and race in our genetic make-up.

I am a heterosexual male mixed race Bible-believing formerly homeless disabled veteran. My wife is a heterosexual female mixed race Bible-believing formerly homeless caregiver and wife of disabled veteran. And my wife was discriminated against just today, “Why,” because the other person is a bigot?

I am RR “Elroy” VanWoert and I am a Paladin.

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