Society #9: My People


16 March 2021

Hello Everyone,

To Whom It May Concern in Washington, D.C.:

Today I have been debating with myself on what to write about. I could bust something out about how great my compatriots are, or I could chat about the new Norms friend I made the other day. I could go on about the Zealot nurse practitioner that we recently visited, or I could even go on and on about the other Paladins in my apartment building.

How Dare You?

However, I woke up with something from a dream I had. At this point I am not sure where the dream will lead. And the subject of the matter is a little touchy with those that enjoy politics.

My dream was about sending a letter to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500. I know I could write about the impoverished in this nation. I could write about the last few bills that have been made into laws, to name a couple issues. 

Though to be honest. I would much rather chat with the person that works in the Oval Office. What could I possibly want to say to President Biden?

I know that I would have much to say, truly I would. Twelve years ago I became a homeless rights activist. I have seen nothing, and I mean NOTHING improve for those living on the streets. 

If you don’t believe me. Then I challenge you to take your damn blinders off. That is the problem with the people and the politicians in this country. They look at themselves, their families and friends, and their co-workers first, then maybe their neighbors second. For the most part the homeless – the truly homeless men, women, and children of this country are being ignored.

Rallies, protests, and riots have been going on for a year now. Protests over someone being murdered and it was caught on camera. Yet, when homeless people are beaten and murdered – their stories are used for filler material until someone determines they don’t matter. 

The people of this country that don’t give a damn about the homeless make me sick. Selfish pathetic pukes, every single one of you. And yes I am speaking to the people that work in our country’s capital city. 

You, every single one of you should be sick. I challenge you [YOUR NAME HERE] to spend one week living on the streets. What would I say to those that work in the White House?

Which of those living on the streets, have to die during a riot, or of a disease, or from being mugged – before any of you will raise a hand to do something positive in their lives?

Why is it so hard for everyone to get over themselves and help their fellow human-being out. Sadly, this isn’t even an American problem – it is world wide. Do we do anything about it – NO!

Why should you? I mean if you are reading this you probably get to sleep in a comfortable bed each night. You probably have a shingled roof over your head. 

As you can see I have a passion for one thing more than anything else on the planet. I actually care about a particular group of people. A group of people that come from all walks of life, all genders, all beliefs, all races. 

The thing is when I was a homeless rights advocate not a single thing from the above list deterred me from helping someone out. The problem I have is some @$! *&#! %#$)@%)#^ $!@#)(% decided I was racist because I don’t look like they do.

Because I am a married Bible-believing heterosexual white man – I supposedly no longer have a voice when it comes to defending those of my people – the homeless.

I am RR “Elroy” VanWoert and I am a Paladin.

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