Society #2: Don’t Hate Me

Four Orders

09 March 2021

Hello There,

As you guessed it from my last post – I believe in the Bible and I make sure that it is a part of my life. Do I push my religion on others? Nope.

John 103; For God sent not his Son into the world, that he should condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.

What do I look like to you? I know a few of you will say; that I look like a “Christian”. I’m sorry to inform you – I’m NOT a Christian.

I do claim Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour; or Master and Messiah if you prefer it. I believe that the Tanahk (the Hebrew Bible or the Christian Old Testament) are the holy Scriptures and the Gospel (the Christian New Testament) make up the two halves of the only holy book I need for my life. But that’s me.

I find it interesting that people can use the Bible or verses from the Bible to justify the way they have been behaving over the last eighteen months. I was told by a person, I am not sure what their personal pronouns are, so we will say person. “Sir, you obviously do not read the Bible, I read in the Bible last week (the day in question was a Friday) that rioting is in the Bible, so therefore it is okay with God. I should know, because I’m a CHRISTIAN!”

I asked, “Where is that passage at?” (They didn’t know.)

I asked, “Is it in the New Testament?” (They didn’t know.)

I asked, ”Is it in the Old Testament?” (They didn’t know.)

“How about I look it up on my Bible app, that has a Strong’s Concordance,” I asked? (They walked away.)

I searched Google as well. Yeah, I was being a bit of a snot (then again I’m not a Christians – I’m a Scripturalist). I’m like that, when I’m accused of pretty much anything.

So needless to say our server didn’t come back – our new server informed me that they would not take any more of our “Christian” crap.

It has become an American past-time to falsely accuse people that are different from ourselves of being things that we do not like. My wife paid the bill and left a tip. I slid my crutch canes out from under the table and proceeded to stand while people stared.

“Have a nice day, (tipping my hat to the onlookers),” I said. We never went back. We actually moved ninety miles away.

The reason I titled this post, “Don’t Hate Me;” Because amongst most Bible believers my wife and I are outcasts. We don’t agree with most other believers regarding; 1) love everyone, 2) believers still sin, 3) idol worship, 4) the ten commandments, 5) discrimination, 6) LGBTQ rights, 7) holidays, 8) denominations, 9) picking & choosing through Scripture, and 10) verses of Scripture – to name a few subjects.

It was because of the past eighteen months, and the crap that happened, that we didn’t even attempt hiking or cycling across North Michigan.

I am RR “Elroy” VanWoert and I am a Paladin.

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