Editorial #8: A Thousand Words

Photograph by: Karina L

Hello Friends and Fellow Saints,

Two years ago, I came across Unsplash. I was very impressed with the way they do business when it comes to photo-sharing. I have used quite a few of their pictures over the last couple of years. I have used quite a few for the different Blog posts that I have shared with you. I have tried to find a picture that closely matches the Inspired Thinking Verse on Mondays. I do give credit to the person that took the picture, I do not want to take credit for a picture I personally did not take.

Do you know where to find the best photographs?

From Unsplash’s History Page (they have this to say at the top of the page).

Our [from Unsplash] story so far “Founded in 2013 as a humble Tumblr blog, Unsplash has grown into an industry-leading visual community. It’s become a source of inspiration for everyone from award-winning writers like Deepak Chopra to industry-titans like Apple, and millions of creators worldwide.”

One of the first pictures I found and tried on a different Blog that I ran was by Karina L https://unsplash.com/@kumoknits , the picture is a crocheted braided rug that I thought would fit but I couldn’t make it work with the templates. It is a nice picture and I am sure I will find a place for it.

The other picture that drew us to Unsplash is an open floating book in a bookstore by Jaredd Craig https://unsplash.com/@jaredd_craig , this was also used in a different Blog that we had.

And from the bottom of Unsplash’s History Page, they had this to say.

“We’ve got big plans for the future of Unsplash. If you want to help us create it, we’d love to hear from you. We owe a huge thank you to the selfless Unsplash contributors who give their work for free in support of the community. Without them, none of this would be possible. With love, Unsplash Team”

Thank you for your patronage here at The Braided Circle, and I hope that if you need a picture for your next project you will consider checking out Unsplash.

Braided Together,

CD “Sweets” VanWoert, the Editor

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