Dear Friends and fellow Saints,

Photograph by: Debby Hudson

Over the last three weeks of studying and research we have come to realize that many of the chronological Bible reading challenges that you can find in books and throughout the internet have been incomplete.

Many have been copied from someone else without being checked. Many of them left out Psalms that were either undateable, or the author was not mentioned, or both. Many of the challenges that are offered online are copied from one source and have multiple duplicates. 

During the last three weeks we have decided that we are going to make sure the chronological Bible reading challenge that we are posting for you is as accurate as we are able. 

This week you will not find a reading plan. We apologize for this mix up, and it saddens us to see that so many commentators and scholars will just copy and paste someone else’s work without checking it over first. 

Next week we will post the entire reading plan, for those of you that are over-achievers. The following week we will start posting a weekly plan for reading it in a year.

“God save you, if it is right that He should do so.”