Editorial #2: The Braided Circle

Photograph by: Karina L

Hello and welcome to The Braided Circle,

Why is it called The Braided Circle?

I chose the name; The Braided Circle 

The First reason; We are all knitted (or braided) together in our mother’s womb by our heavenly Father, Jehovah God. We as Believers in God our Father, are also knitted together with him. We become brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Second reason; God is infinite, like a Circle, no beginning and no end. Circles help us move about such as the wheel. They also bind a husband and wife together when they exchange rings on their wedding day.

The Third reason; Each color irregardless of the combination can be used to tell a story from the Scriptures. The rope itself is very symbolic of God. 

A braid is the minimum of 3 strands of rope or string braided together to become something much stronger. I look at each individual piece to represent Father, Son and holy Ghost. You can also look at them as being Peace, Love and Charity. 

I like to crochet, so when I work with the yarn that is more than three strands woven together to make a stronger weighted yarn, I can see my heavenly Father in it. As I work with the yarn to create items I usually pray over it, that God would be present to the person using the item I am creating. That His will be done in their life. 

This is why I call this blog The Braided Circle.

How do you see our God? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

CD “Sweets” VanWoert, the Editor

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